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May Meeting: Cell Oscillations and Entangled Instruments

April Meeting: Audio Inventions Presentation and Demo

March Lab Meeting: Strange Attractors and Livecoding Modular Synths

Google Summer of Code 2024 Project: Differentiable Logic Gate Networks for Real-Time Interaction

Lab Meeting with Victor Shepardson

Steve Symons wins Sussex AI Demo Award

Emute Lab Research Fellow Post

Emute Lab @ CHIME 2023 Workshop

New Emute Lab Mailing List

Emute Lab @ Machina Bristronica

Post-AIMC 2023 Reflection

New Release on Emute: Live at the Meeting House

PhD scholarship in Iceland

AIMC 2023

Live Coding: A User's Manual

Emute Lab 6 @ The Rose Hill

Machines on Stage: Exploring the World of Robot Opera

A Chat with Ingi GarĂ°ar Erlendsson

Emute Lab at NIME 2020

Sema: Live Coding With Machine Learning Workshop

Performance Lecture: David Rothenberg

Materialities symposium

Emute Lab 5 @ The Rose Hill

What's Happening in the World of Feedback Instruments?

Emute Lab 4 @ The Rose Hill