Workshops, symposia, performances and publications

Spring 2017 Programme

February 7th - Emute Lab in Reykjavik
February 13th – A Magnificent Crossbreeding of Protein and Tinplate
March 23th - Emute Lab Meeting: Feedback Cellos – Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer

Autumn 2016 Programme

October 12th - Artist talk: Timothy Didymus, Kosmiches Glass
October 26th – Researcher in Residency talk: Enrique Tomas
November 3-4th - Designing Interfaces for Creativity Symposium
November 12th - Arts Research Symposium at the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement

Spring 2016 Programme

April 3rd - Animated Music Notation with Ryan Ross Smith
May 5th – Musical Organics Symposium at STEIM
May 12th - ICLI registration open
June 28th - Resonating Instruments workshops
June 30th – Live Interfaces conference

Autumn 2015 Programme

October – Sussex SuperCollider Users Group
November 19th – Sam Aaron: Live Coding talk and
November 25th - Visiting Lecture: Mick Grierson

Summer 2015 Programme

May 29th - Brighton Modular Meet
June 10th – Physical Computing Workshop
July 13-15th – International Conference on Live Coding
September 5th – Brighton Mini Maker Fair Workshop

Spring 2015 Programme

Feb 11th - Chris Kiefer: Experiments with Mutiparametric Musical Instruments
Feb 25th - Robert Thomas: Music, Software, Function
March 5th - Leafcutter John – Performance, Talk and Workshop
March 18th - Visiting Researcher: Halldór Úlfarsson
March 20th - Tom Betts: The Sublime in Computer Games: Procedurally Generated Audiovisual Worlds
March 20th - SLÁTUR – Experimental Composer Collective
March 26th - Composing and Performing with the Magnetic Resonator Piano
April 6th - Interactive Music Theatre / Hertzian Field #1
April 9th - Fields – Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal
April 15th – Phantom Terrains with Daniel Jones

Autumn 2014 Programme

September 23rd – Visiting Researcher: Enrike Hurtado Mendieta
October 3rd - Andrew Sorensen: Programming In Time – Live Coding for Creative Performances
October 28th - Adam Linson – Improvisation Workshop
October 30th - Gene Felice II: Biosensor Workshop
November 14th - Choreography and Composition of Internal Time
December 4th - Alice Eldridge: Listening to the Forests and Feeding the Crickets: Field notes from a transdisciplinary soundscapologist

Summer 2014 Programme

June 28th - Brighton Modular Meet
June 30th - MIPTL at NIME
July 5th - Live Coding and the Body Symposium
July 6th - Brighton Algorave