Emute Lab @ CHIME 2023 Workshop

Posted by Chris Kiefer, Steve Symons, Dimitris Kyriakoudis on December 4, 2023

Emute Lab members Steve Symons, Dimitris Kyriakoudis and Chris Kiefer presented their work at the CHIME annual workshop in December, ‘a one-day research event for sharing work in the area of music and human-computer interaction, with a particular emphasis on participative hands-on demos’.

Steve presented his work on entangled instruments https://entangled-instruments.xyz/, and also took part in the afternoon panel session.


Dimitris presented his work on his livecoding instrument Timelines.



Chris showed his new instrument, the Nalima, which explores multistable musicianship.

Some images of the event:

Dimitris’ presentation

Steve demos the Stickatron

Trying out Chris’ Nalima instrument

Steve’s presentation for the afternoon panel