Emute Lab in 2017

Posted by thor magnusson on December 31, 2017

The Experimental Music Technology Lab has had a busy year in 2017. Some of the key events are listed below:


Algorave Brighton - September 7th. The Emute Lab co-organised an Algorave hosted by the British Science Festival. Performances with Algobabes, Slub, Renick Bell, Chris Kiefer and Thor Magnusson. See information here.

Luuma @ London Algorave
Chris Kiefer performing at the London Algorave in June.

Syncphonia ‘Orchestra Hero’ event at the British Science Festival

Thor Magnusson at Borealis
Threnoscope + Voluspa at the Borealis Festival in Bergen, March.

Chevalier & Duff,, @ NIME 2017

Feedback Cello Performances
At Bournemouth, Loop Berlin, HAL@SARC, NIME, Spirit of Gravity, Mengi, Algomech, DesInC
see http://feedbackcell.ooo/live/

O, One a 5 minute opera for two Nao Robots and cello
Words and music by Evelyn Ficarra, premiered at the Robot Opera Mini-Symposium on 15th June 2017. Performed by two Nao Robots (as themselves); Alice Eldridge (cello); directed /designed by Tim Hopkins; co-devised and programmed by Ron Chrisley. http://www.sussex.ac.uk/cromt/archive/robotopera

Ficarra, Evelyn. Ghost Cup - a sound installation.
Columbia University, April 7-8 2017, New York USA http://blogs.cuit.columbia.edu/reembodiedsound/

Ficarra, Evelyn. Scores for objects and electronics with Heather Frasch
Studio 8, 8th May 2017, Berlin. https://www.facebook.com/events/1473355456065457/

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, ACCA, 13 February 2017 A Magnificent Crossbreeding of Protein and Tinplate


Bright, D. (2017) Conjuring the sonic ghosts of industrial and post-industrial spaces, in The Post-Industrial Landscape as Site for Creative Practice, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Eldridge, Alice and Kiefer, Chris (2017) The self-resonating feedback cello: interfacing gestural and generative processes in improvised performance. New Interfaces for Music Expression. Download here.

Magnusson, Thor (2017) Musical Organics: A Heterarchical Approach to Digital Organology
in Journal of New Music Research. Download here.

Magnusson, Thor (2017) Contextualizing Musical Organics: An Ad-hoc Organological Classification Approach
NIME 2017 conference. Download here.

Webb, Sharon, Kiefer, Chris, Jackson, Ben, Baker, James and Eldridge, Alice (2017) Mining oral history collections using music information retrieval methods. Music Reference Services Quarterly. Download here.


Interdisciplinary perspectives: Machine Listening & Listening Machines
April 27-28. Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex, Brighton

Understanding Distributed Agency Between Listening Algorithms and Humans
May 31-June 1. Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast

Future Implications and Applications of Algorithmic Listening
Sept 14-15. University of Sussex, Brighton

Long table – Humanising Algorithmic Listening in Culture and Conservation
Sept 14th 20:00 as part of the 2017 Brighton Digital Festival

DIY radio transmission – Pi Streambox Workshop
Oct 12th 14:00 and 18:30 as part of the Brighton Digital Festival

Residency at CNMAT and CMC
In May, Thor Magnusson did a residency at CNMAT, Berkeley which included giving a lecture on current research. In June, he visited CMC, Columbia with the same programme.
Info here.

Marije Baalman residency at Sussex
Marije Baalman did a residency at Emute Lab collaborating with Chris Kiefer. This will be continued in January 2018, ending with a gig.

Forum for Augmented Reality Immersive Instruments (ARIMI) Cecile Chevalier & Chris Kiefer in partnership with Kirk Woolford, June 19-20, 2017

Emute Lab in Reykjavik
Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer did a residency at the Icelandic Arts Academy, also performing at Mengi, in Reykjavik.

Alberto Novello visiting researcher
Alberto Novello gave a talk, workshop and tutorials. Talk title: Invisible to visible: bio signals and possible applications in the arts


Evelyn Ficarra ‘The Sound Object in Theatrical and Installation Contexts’, Re-embodied Sound Conference, Columbia University, New York 8th April 2017 http://blogs.cuit.columbia.edu/reembodiedsound/

Alice Eldridge at a panel @ Loop 2017 Alice Eldridge on a panel on hybrid instruments at Ableton’s Festival of music, technology and creative practice - Loop, Berlin.
Alice and Chris Kiefer will also give a performance in the maker space. Info here

Alice Eldridge and Danny Bright at Sound & Environment Alice - Paper & Plenary Panel Danny - Installation: Thrumming Halls http://www2.hull.ac.uk/fass/drama,-music-and-screen/conferences/sound–environment-2017.aspx

Robot Opera Mini Symposium, organised by Evelyn Ficarra, featuring talks by Chris Kiefer, Ron Chrisley, Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris, with brief introduction by Evelyn Ficarra ‘Why Robot Opera’. The day examined issues of embodiment, artificial intelligence and vocality through scholarly research and creative practice. 15 June 2017. http://www.sussex.ac.uk/cromt/archive/robotopera

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, in The Operatic Symposium, University of Sussex, 19th May 2017, title: The Operatic Bot

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, in Robot Opera Symposium, University of Sussex, 17th June 2017, title: Voices Without Bodies: The Operatic Bot in immersive performance

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, in 6th International Scientific Meeting for Sound and Musical Instruments, Porto, August 2017, title: Instrumented Spaces: Two Immersive Music Theatre Experiences

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris, in Annual Conference of Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA), University of Salford, August 2017, title: Cyber-Divas: Vocaloids as Postdigital Opera Singers


Syncphonia - http://www.syncphonia.co.uk/.

Research grants

MIMIC - Thor Magnusson and Chris Kiefer in collaboration with Goldsmiths and Durham University.