Ens Ekt Improvisation Workshop

Posted by Alice Eldridge on April 24, 2018

Ens Ekt @ SARC 1 from Paul Stapleton on Vimeo.

::::: Friday June 1st, 1pm - 3pm @ Sussex Humanities Lab :::::

Ens Ekt will be visiting us as part of their UK tour for a practice based workshop on the nature and relevance for improvisation in practice.

What is improvisation? We’re interested in what you think. How is it relevant for your own practice (regardless of discipline)? And how can you develop potential?

The workshop format is liable to be subject to improvisation, but will likely follow a format such as:

  • Ens Ekt will play an improvised set.
  • There will then be an open conversation concerning practice and improvisation, facilitated by the trio.
  • Open Session. There will then be a session in which all are welcome to participate. As well as musicians we positively encourage those from other areas of interest (perhaps dance, drama, visual art or any other area).

This event is free, but please register at eventbrite as spaces are limited.

Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Simon Rose – baritone saxophone
Paul Stapleton – bonsai sound sculpture (BoSS)

Ens Ekt features the experimental musical inventions of Paul Stapleton (Californian born, Belfast-based) placed in dialogue with the circular breathed multiphonics and harmonic textures of Simon Rose (English born, Berlin-based) and the resonant gestural and spectrally focused playing of Adam Pultz Melbye (Danish born, Berlin-based). The group explores emergent timbral, dynamic and social musical structures through improvisation. Having worked together more frequently in duo settings (see below), the trio configuration offers an opportunity to explore new modes of interactions in part facilitated by purpose built technologies that intertwine metallic, wooden and electronic resonances in real time.


Ens Ekt will be playing a full set at Safehouse on May 31st.