Newhaven Soundcamp

Posted by Alice Eldridge on April 23, 2018


::::: May 5th - May 6th @ Newhaven Community Garden, Newhaven :::::

Join us for newhaven soundcamp over the International Dawn Chorus weekend of 5th to 6th May 2018, when small groups of people around the world will sleep outside and listen.

International Dawn Chorus Day is a world wide celebration of the dawn chorus initiated by the Wildlife Trusts to raise awareness of the deep importance of nature conservation and close relationship between human wellbeing and that of all other living species.

Newhaven Soundcamp is part of REVEIL, an network of open mics around the world. Instigated by arts collective soundcamp, REVEIL curates a live radio broadcast from these listening points as the sun rises around the globe on the International Dawn Chorus weekend.

Newhaven Soundcamp is a small scale event for local residents to act as a simple, potent point for ecological, social, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual engagement with the soundscape of Newhaven. It links this spot on Sussex Downs Biosphere (The Living Coast) to an international network of site of ecological and sonic interest.

The broadcast will be made using a DIY radio transmitter constructed from a raspberry Pi and will feature on the Resonance FM broadcast early on Sunday morning - or check out links below.


On May 3, Prof Almo Farina will be giving a talk on his pioneering work in Ecoacoustics - all welcome.

Presented in association with The Living Coast, kindly hosted by Growing Together Newhaven and supported by Sussex Humanities Lab.