People in the Experimental Music Technologies Lab

The lab is open for participation and membership (which includes being subscribed to the lab’s mailing list), welcoming researchers from across the university.

Current members (in alphabetical order):

Dylan Beattie (Music)
David Berry (Media and Film)
Margaret A. Boden (Informatics)
Danny Bright (Music)
Cecile Chevalier (Media and Film)
Ron Chrisley (Informatics)
Andrew Duff (Media and Film)
Alice Eldridge (Informatics)
Evelyn Ficarra (Music)
David Hendy (Media and Film)
Ed Hughes (Music)
Chris Kiefer (Music)
Dimitris Kyriakoudis (Music)
Andrew Leggo (Engineering and Design)
Thor Magnusson (Music)
Gianluca Memoli (Informatics)
Paul McConnell (Media and Film)
Alex Peverett (Sussex Humanities Lab)
Chris Thornton (Informatics)
Joe Watson (Music)
Lee Westwood (Music)
Ivor Simpson (Informatics)
Steve Symons (Music)
Max Worgan (Music)
Shu Yang (Music)

Honorary members
Caroline Bassett (Cambridge Digital Humanities)
Francisco Bernardo (Music)
Tom Betts (Big Robot Games & University of Huddersfield)
Sam Bilbow (Music)
Nick Collins (Music, Durham University)
Iain Elmsley (Media and Film)
Gemma Farrell (Music)
Rui Guo (Music)
Joshua Hargreaves (Music and Informatics)
Enrike Hurtado Mendieta (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao)
Anna Jordanous (Computing, University of Kent)
Chad McKinney (Informatics)
Sally-Jane Norman (Music)
Dan Overholt (Sound and Music Computing, Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark)
Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (Music)
Spyros Polychronopoulos (Informatics)
Andrew Sleigh (Maker Faire and Lighthouse)
Halldor Ulfarsson (Intelligent Instruments Lab, Iceland)
Matthew Yee-King (Music and Informatics, Goldsmiths)