Spring 2015 Programme

Posted by thor_magnusson on January 16, 2015

The spring programme of the MIPTL research events is taking shape. We are very excited to present a series of work, ranging from modified pianos through networked performances and biological symphonies to procedural generation in computer games. In designing the events we have tried to include three elements: musical performance, a talk, and a workshop, where the visiting researcher engages with Sussex students and researchers.

Chris Kiefer (Wednesday, February 11th)
Research seminar (Recital Room, 1-1.50pm) – Experiments with Mutiparametric Musical Instruments

We start the programme with our very own Chris Kiefer (Informatics) who will present his diverse work in the design of musical instruments, ranging from studies in adaptive interfaces using neural networks to physical live coding interfaces.

Kelly Snook (Wednesday, February 25th)
Research talk (Recital Room, 1-1.50pm) – Interactive Data Sonification Using mi.mu Gloves

Dr Kelly Snook is a former NASA planetary scientist now researching data sonification. She is a founding member of the research team working on the mi.mu Gloves with Imogen Heap and other music technologists from the UK and Europe

Leafcutter John (Thursday, March 5th)
Performance (Meeting House 1.20pm)
Talk and a workshop (in RR 2-7pm) – Musical Automata and Sound Sculptures

Leafcutter John will give a performance and then lead a workshop in musical automata sound sculptures, using the popular Arduino technology, and resulting in a robotic big-band.

Halldor Ulfarsson (Wednesday, March 18th)
Research talk (Recital Room at 1pm) – Results of open ended acoustic investigations at the IAA
Seminar (Recital Room 2-7pm)

Halldor Ulfarsson will present his research around the highly impressive Halldorophone musical instrument (here performed by Hildur Gudnadottir). After the talk, he will give a seminar and a masterclass in acoustic research and instrument making.

Tom Betts (Friday, March 20th)
Research talk (location TBC) – The Sublime in Computer Games: Procedurally Generated Audiovisual Worlds

Tom Betts has a background in music, programming, digital design and computer games. His latest work is “Sir, You are Being Hunted“, but Tom’s talk will also cover generative art and algorithmic thinking.

Andrew McPherson (Thursday, March 26th)
Performance (1.20 pm in the Recital Room) – Electromagnetic Piano
Talk and a Workshop (2pm in Recital Room) – On composing for the electromagnetic piano.

Andrew McPherson is an innovator in new musical instruments. Although known in the world of musical instruments for a successful Kickstarter campaign, he will bring his electromagnetic piano to our research event here at Sussex.

Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal (Thursday, April 9th)
Performance (Meeting House at 1.20pm) – Fields
Talk and workshop (Recital Room, 2-6pm) – Networked, collaborative music

Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal will perform their networked, distributed, multi-device, multi-channel piece “Fields” in the Meeting House. Bring a networked device (phone, tablet, laptop). The workshop will focus on similar topics.

Daniel Jones (Wednesday, April 15th)
Artist talk (Recital Room at 2-4pm) – Living Symphonies and Phantom Terrains.

Daniel Jones is a multi-talented artist and researcher know for his sound art work. He will present resent work, for example the Living Symphonies and Phantom Terrains projects.