Chris Kiefer: Experiments with Mutiparametric Musical Instruments

Posted by thor_magnusson on February 10, 2015

:::: Wednesday, Feb 11th, 1-1.50pm, @ Recital Room, Falmer House 120 ::::

Chris Kiefer (Informatics at Sussex) will present his latest research in our third Music Research Event this term.

Experiments with Mutiparametric Musical Instruments

This talk is about designing new digital musical instruments that use large groups of sensors to capture detailed human interaction. These techniques present interesting opportunities to use multiparametric computational processes for creating mappings and synthesising sound. They also present challenges about how this complex and non-linear method of instrument design can be used artistically. I will present case studies of several instruments that use these techniques, including malleable controllers, touch screen applications and interactive sculptures that write code.

Chris Kiefer