Ryan Ross Smith: Animated Music Notation – Speculative Histories and Practical Demonstrations

Posted by thor magnusson on April 3, 2016

:::: Wednesday, April 13th, 1.00pm, @ Recital Room, Falmer House 120 ::::

The term Animated Music Notation [AMN] describes any notation that contains real-time dynamic functionalities that are necessary to its representation. Over the last 10 years, the field of contemporary animated scoring practices has emerged as a niche, yet significant thread in the new music world. This talk will introduce a speculative meta-history of the animated score, discuss the current state of contemporary animated scoring practices, and provide a practical demonstration of the author’s own notational and compositional practice. If time allows, the practical demonstration may be extended to include the audience, so please feel free to bring your instruments.


Ryan Ross Smith is a composer and performer currently based in Fremont Center, NY. Smith has performed throughout the US, Europe and UK, including performances at MoMA and PS1 [NYC] and Le Centre Pompidou [Paris, FR], has had his music performed throughout North America, Iceland, Australia and the UK, has presented his work and research at conferences including NIME, ISEA, ICLI, the Deep Listening Conference and Tenor2015, and has lectured at various colleges and universities. Smith earned his MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College in 2012, and is currently a PhD candidate in Electronic Arts at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. See website with animated scores here