SuperCollider Users Group

Posted by thanos polymeneas-liontiris on October 18, 2015

Who is SCUG for?

Are you a musician interested in making digital music? Are you a computer programmer that would like to make music with concepts you might be already familiar with? Have you ever started using SuperCollider but found it difficult due to luck of support? Are you an experienced SuperCollider user looking for constructive criticism of your work? If you think you are one of the above or if you are just curious on what SuperCollider is and you live in the area of Brighton & Hove, the Sussex SuperCollider Users Group (SCUG) at Sussex is the place to be. It is basically for anybody that is or thinks they might be interested in SuperCollider.

What is SuperCollider?

SuperCollider is one of the most efficient and good sounding audio programming environments existing today. It is used by musicians, artists, and scientists for all kind of work with sound, from generative music, instrument building, sound installations, analysis of sound to sonification of big data. SuperCollider is open source and free.

What is the SCUG?

SuperCollider Users Group is a community of SuperCollider users of all stages interested to meet up and share ideas, code and music. The events are organised by Music Informatics & Performance Technology Lab and are hosted by Sussex Humanities Lab. The meetings are ideal for presenting work, discussing projects, collaborate and learn from each other. However, most importantly these sessions will have a social aspect in which coding, debugging and music making will happen while socialising with other SuperCollider users, perhaps with some drinks and snack.

When­­ is it?

This term’s SCUG meetings will take place on Wednesdays, between 6pm – 9pm on the following dates:

21st October 4th November 18th November 2ndDecember

Where is it?

At the Sussex Humanities Lab Silverstone building University of Sussex Falmer

What do I need to bring in?

Your laptop Headphones

Do I need to sign up for it?

No, at the moment SCUG has an open doors policy, anybody is welcome.


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