DiDIY workshop at ACCA

Posted by thor magnusson on September 6, 2016

:::: Thursday, October 6th, 7.00pm @ ACCA ::::

Does making matter?
Can making promote change?
Can it foster creativity and entrepreneurship?
Does it just make you feel good?

This workshop is for anyone who uses digital tools to make or be creative: including learning techniques from Youtube, sharing code on Github, using software to compose or perform music, making instuments with microcontrollers, sharing music on Soundcloud, or selling media on Bandcamp.

This is an active making workshop where you will use Lego and other simple materials to make some things, discuss your making practice, and share ideas and experiences in the company of other makers.

Led by David Gauntlett, author of Making is Connecting, the workshop is designed to be an enjoyable way to take time out and reflect on your own practice and the meanings of making. It will give you the chance to do some creative exercises, share with other makers and contribute your perspective to our research.

This workshop is FREE, but spaces are limited, so please sign up here, and if you can’t make it, let us know so we can release your ticket to someone else.

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