Arts Research at the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement

Posted by thor magnusson on October 31, 2016

:::: Sunday, November 13th, 9:30am @ Sheffield Hallam University ::::

The AlgoMech Arts Research Symposium takes place within the Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, on the 13th November 2016 at the Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK. AlgoMech celebrates a resurgence of making in performance, where creative processes are made visible during a live event. Rather than presenting technology as seamless, we pick at the seams, exposing its innards as human-made and reconfigurable. We will also go beyond fashionable notions of technology to take the long view; bringing together mechanical, kinetic, electronic, and software arts, from periods spanning the stone age to present day, building a picture of the human maker as both digital and analogue, thinking and feeling, embodied yet reaching beyond what is bodily possible. The festival will take place across Sheffield, and will include concerts, talks, hands-on workshops, and a club night. The arts research symposium will focus on the latest developments in this field, drawing on both academic and artistic perspectives.

Tickets are £15/£25 (and include lunch, coffee and evening concert). Tickets can be purchased here.

Algomech postcard

Abstracts and bio of the participants can be found on the AlgoMech website

The programme for the day is the following (see a map of locations at the bottom of this post):

All Day – Installation: Harmony: The Spectacular Automatic Drawing Machine (Ryan Patrick Morley)

9:30 – Registration and Coffee at the Sheffield Institute of Arts (Old Post Office)

10:00 – Presentations (10 min each + 5 min Q&A)

Ellen Harlizius-Klück
Jesus Jara Lopez
Susanne Palzer
Alejandra Pérez Núñez
Elise and David Plans
———- break (15 min) ————
Giuseppe Torre
Alejandro A Albornoz Roj
Joana Chicau
Rosamaria Cisneros

12:30 – Lunch with installation (Ryan Patrick Morley)

13:30 – Keynote talk with Godfried-Willem Raes

14:30 – Panel 1 (Speculative Hardware and Fictive Materialities – chair: Derek Hales)

Jamie Brassett
Andrew Hugill,
Maya Oppenheimer
Spencer Roberts

16:00 – Coffee with a performance by Luba Elliott

16:30 - Panel 2 (Unravelling Maker Culture – chair: Amy Twigger Holroyd)

Jesús Jara López
Ryan Patrick Morley
Tom Tobia
Tamar Millen

17:30 – Panel ends – End of activities at the Old Post Office

19:30 – Performances at the Millennium Gallery

Tom Mudd
Simon Blackmore
Joana Chicau
Tim Shaw + John Bowers
REPL Electric