EMuTeLab 0 @ The Rose Hill, Brighton

Posted by Chris Kiefer on January 4, 2018

EMuTeLab0 Gig Flyer

Emute Lab presents… an evening of exciting experimental music

Join us at the Rose Hill club to experience some cutting-edge music with new exciting instruments and audiovisual technologies. On the bill are:

  • JesterN (Laser Drawing / Modular Synth)
  • Marije Baalman (Chrysalis / Installations)
  • Brain Dead Ensemble (Thren0scope / Feedback Cellos / Feedback Double Bass)

January 12th, 2018. 7pm. at The Rose Hill, Brighton. £5

JesterN: Laser Drawing

JesterN’s Laser Drawing is a synesthetic experience in which you can listen to what you see, and see what you listen to Using its modular synthesizer, JesterN manipulates electric voltages live, sending them in exactly the same way to the speakers to create sound and to the laser to create its curvy shapes with vivid colors. An artisanal live show in which every beat and every shape is simultaneously improvised on the stage. Being cooked on the spot, music-wise it depends on the space and on the vibe: it can go from drones, to harsh noise, from techno straight beats to IDM syncopations, or something completely diferent …

Alberto Novello a.k.a. JesterN is a scientist, composer, sound and video artist. In his works, he has assisted Alvin Lucier, Nicholas Collins and Trevor Wishart. His artistic works have been presented in international festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event, Venice Biennale, Impuls Tanz Vienna, Seoul International Music Festival, Emu Fest Roma, Monaco Electroacoustique, New York Computer Music Festival, Rewire Festival and conferences such as NIME, ICMC, ISMIR, ICMPC, ICA, ICCE and ESSEM and institutes for contemporary music research such as CCMAS in Mexico, GRM in France, Logos Foundation in Belgium, STEIM Amsterdam, IEM Graz, OMI New York, the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag, Conservatory of Padua.


JesterN Laser Drawing @AESON Festival 2017 from jestern on Vimeo.

Marije Baalman

A cocoon lies on stage, barely recognisable in the dim light. Slow tones are sounding in the space. The light seems to change color – the tones are changing slowly in pitch. The cocoon seems to move – the light seems to get brighter and gradually shift color. Suddenly a fast movement – a shrieking sound fills the space – then again everything quiets down – the movement, the sound, the light.

Chrysalis is a performative environment where the focus is on slow movements – becoming aware of the minimal movements of the body, both conscious and unconscious movements. It is about interaction on a long timescale – involving multiple senses (hearing, sight, haptic).

Marije Baalman is an artist and researcher/developer working in the field of interactive sound art.


Chrysalis - a teaser from Marije Baalman on Vimeo.

Brain Dead Ensemble

The Brain Dead Ensemble consists of members of the Emute Lab interested in feedback in acoustic and electronic instruments, and the combination of those. The audiovisual live coding instrument, Threnoscope, will feed sound directly into the acoustic instruments (two cellos and a double bass) via their mechanical actuators.

Thor Magnusson (Threnoscope, http://www.ixi-audio.net/)

Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris (Feedback Bass, http://thanospl.net/)

Alice Eldridge

Chris Kiefer

(Feedback Cell, Feedback Cellos, http://feedbackcell.ooo/)

There is no video of the Brain Dead Ensemble (they have not figured out how to do that), but there are some of the Threnoscope, cello and bass (Thor, Alice and Thanos):

Fermata at OSC in Brighton from thormagnusson on Vimeo.

and two feedback cellos (Alice and Chris):