Art of Soldering Workshop

Posted by Thor Magnusson on November 12, 2018


:::: Friday, Nov 23rd, 12-2pm, @ Sussex Humanites Lab ::::

Workshop Leader: Alex Peverett (SHL/Emute Lab)

Soldering is an essential skill for the modern musician, creative practitioner and researcher whose academic interests may lead them to accessing and maintaining electronic equipment. This workshop will cover a hands-on introduction to soldering, wiring your own audio cables and building DIY contact microphones and hydrophones.

Contact microphones enable us to access sounds that may otherwise seem hidden, picking up vibrations in material substances. They can also be used in building our own reverberation systems and for amplifying acoustic instruments. As hydrophones they can reveal whole new aquatic soundworlds for study.

This workshop on soldering serves as a good preparation for upcoming SHL/Emute DIWO workshops, which will include: DIY oscillators, Oscillographics and many others.

This open and friendly workshop is aimed at the absolute beginner, but will be helpful to the more advanced too. We encourage anyone of any background to sign up, so please visit the following link: